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Say Cheese!


Available from mid-May to the end of September.


Ears and mouths open: destination Altamura! Let an experienced local guide take you through the streets of the famous city of bread, with its very crispy crust and soft, yellow crumbs.

Here you will discover what bread represents to an Altamuran and have the pleasure of tasting the nuns’ tits, fluffy sponge-cake shells filled with a generous helping of chantilly cream.

This is not the end of the story, after the bakery and pastry products the tour will continue with dairy products, right inside an artisanal dairy of considerable depth in the area, where the visitor will be involved in all stages of production of mozzarella, burrata and fresh cheese.

The Cheese Tour can only conclude, of course, with a tasting of the products listed above, accompanied by other local food, and inserted within a location that is nothing short of evocative as that of the Mercadante Forest. It is precisely in this vast green space that a lunch in direct contact with nature will be set up. An experience that you will look forward to telling all your friends about.


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